"Pink Tapioca" - free designer blog background

This designer background comes in 3 sizes.  Recommended sizing is listed below each code entry.  All of my Designer Blog Elements are created for use with Blogger's "Simple" template.  I offer an easy step-by-step tutorial for setting up this template using Blogger's Template Designer (no Html required).  Click here to view:

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Pink Tapioca
 free - Blog Background Codes
 narrow width
fits layout up to 800 pixels wide
medium width
fits layout up to 940 pixels wide

wide width
fits layout up to 1050 pixels wide
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  1. is there anyway to use just the inside all the way across? love it but but fades my pics


  2. Thanks so much for your comment Karen! Unfortunately it's an image so there really isn't anyway to use just the center portion. I would have to create a new image in just that color. Looks like you've managed to create a simple background color in that shade though and that always works too.
    Happy blogging!


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