Stardust - blog theme

This designer theme includes a background, blog header, and a set of sidebar pre-titled image tags. The banner is provided with your blog name appearing within the design.  The theme is available for Blogger blogs and step-by-step installation instructions are provided. 
Click below to purchase securely through my Etsy shop or contact me for a Paypal invoice.

The theme may be used in combination with the 2011 Wordpress theme but but you will need to know how to install individual elements; backgrounds, headers, etc, on your own as I do not provide instructions for installation or any standard Wordpress theme coding.

This theme comes in 3 background sizes: narrow, medium, and wide. It is created to be used with Blogger's built in themes and gadgets. 
If you need help understanding the different between Blogger's templates and a Designer Theme be sure to read over this helpful guide: 
Blog Background

Decorative Sidebar Tags
Sidebar tags include a selection of the most popular titles.  Tags may be used as section titles, image links, or both. Tags with custom titles may be purchased here:

Coordinating Header
All images, whether free or purchased, are subject to the 
Terms of Use


  1. Hi Sharon,thank you for sharing these fabulous freebie blog theme,I'm still navigating my way around the blog, heaps to learn, so I am playing around, I've used your stardust theme:) TYFS, hug Alms

  2. Thanks so much for your sweet comment Alma ~ welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!!

  3. Great blogs! I'm trying to use the banner for the Stardust theme and when I click to make larger before I save to my desktop the background on it comes out black. When I save it onto my blog it also appears black.

    Thanks for your help and for sharing.


    1. Thanks for your comment Abby ~ sounds like your computer is having issues viewing a PNG file, some do that and wind up "filling in" the clear background with other colors. Not sure that they're any fix for that issue but you might want to look up "Working with PNG" images in Google search to see if there's a fix. Hope that helps~


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