Special Occasions & Seasonal Themes

Below is a list of my Special Occasions and Seasonal Designer Blog Themes created for use on any Blogger blog. Click on a title or image to view all of the elements included with each theme.  All of my themes are created for use with a modified version of the "Picture Window" template or the old "Minima" template.  Tutorials for installation and modification are available through the "Tutorials" link above.

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Special Occasions



.•*´✻´*•.Expecting & New Baby.•*´✻´*•.

Seasonal Events

.•*´✻´*•.Valentine's Day.•*´✻´*•.
.•*´✻´*•.St. Patrick's Day.•*´✻´*•.





.•*´✻´*•.Mother's Day.•*´✻´*•.

.•*´✻´*•.Father's Day.•*´✻´*•.




.•*´✻´*•.Back to School.•*´✻´*•.



.•*´✻´*•.Pink for October.•*´✻´*•.



.•*´✻´*•.New Years.•*´✻´*•.


Blueberry Plumcicle


Knicky Knack 

 Winter Wonder

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  1. Dear Sharon,

    What a whimsical blog you have! I just discovered your blog when I was searching for cute blog backgrounds. You are truly a gifted artist and I just love your designs. I love those shabby chic vintage templates. Thank you so much for sharing free backgrounds. Have a joyful year ahead!


  2. Thanks so much for your sweet, sweet comment Venus~

  3. I can't choose just one b'coz all of that it's Awesome. Thank's !

  4. My goodness! You are very very talented. Thank you for sharing your designs.


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