Binding Journey - blog theme

This designer theme includes a background, blog header, post divider, and a set of sidebar pre-titled image tags. The banner is provided with your blog name appearing within the design.  The theme is available for Blogger blogs and step-by-step installation instructions are provided. 

Binding Journey

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The theme may be used in combination with the 2011 Wordpress theme but but you will need to know how to install individual elements; backgrounds, headers, etc, on your own as I do not provide instructions for installation or any standard Wordpress theme coding.

This theme comes in 3 background sizes: narrow, medium, and wide. It is created to be used with Blogger's built in themes and gadgets. 
If you need help understanding the different between Blogger's templates and a Designer Theme be sure to read over this helpful guide: Understanding Basic Blogger Design Info - Q & A
Blog Background
Decorative Sidebar Tags
Sidebar tags include a selection of the most popular titles.  Tags may be used as section titles, image links, or both. Tags with custom titles may be purchased here:

Coordinating Header
All images, whether free or purchased are subject to the 
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  1. Hi plumrose, could you tell me please how to switch back to the deault blogger backgrounds please??

    my current background is 'Alice" which i got from u

    thnks a ton

  2. Hi VB,
    Just follow along with this tutorial to switch back to the default template:


  3. Hi there

    Just came in to say thank you for the update.

    Best wishes Ali x

    1. You are quite welcome Ali ~ thanks for stopping by and commenting♥

  4. Hey I just used this theme on my blog and wanted to say thank you, your backgrounds and thing are beautiful and your tutorials are amazingly helpful. I didn't think I would ever of been able to make my blog look so good. Thanks again. x

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment Paige ~ so happy the tutorials were helpful and you've found a new look you love!

  5. I had a background of yours (Alice) and it was working fine until today when I got on my blog and it had reverted to a black space at the bottom of my blog. To my knowledge, I did nothing...and now I've been trying to switch to this one using the tutorial, but it's still coming in as that black space at the bottom.

    Any idea why that might be happening? You can email me at

    LOVE your work, btw :)

    1. Hi Jessica,
      Looks like you're using Blogger's "Watermark" template for your base (at least this blog is: and we recommend using the "Picture Window" template as it creates less interference with designer themes. Here's the tutorial we offer for setting that up: How to Set up & Adjust the Picture Window Template


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